Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 181: "Moti"vation

OYLPA Day 181: "Moti"vation, originally uploaded by klodhie.
Side Note first: Ah! Pakistan vs. India 2nd Semi-Final cricket match in 2 hours people!!! Wish I was in Pakistan for this =) Enjoy these "Go Green Team" Images for your FB, Twitter, BBM, what have you!

Ok now, aside from the cricket match and Pakistan-love excitement, I did have an interesting moment today. Trying to be good these days, but when someone comes up to you, puts this gigantic chocolate chip cookie in your face and asks, "Would you like a cookie for free?" you have this moment when there's no one else in the room, and you're surrounded by pink fluffy clouds and heavenly angel voices singing, "Laaa!!!" The desi+sweettoothdevil in me took the cookie of course, knowing full well it was a bad idea even as it was being handed over to me.

A little while later, cookie safely tucked away in its plastic wrapping in my purse, an old man who looked to be about 75yrs old came and sat near me and started eating his lunch. The cookie girl, after doing a whole round through the restaurant, came and asked me once again (Noo, I did NOT pretend to have not received the first cookie). She moved on to another table. The old man next to me looked at me and said in a humorous tone, "Hey, she skipped me!" I laughed, and after a few moments of contemplation ("O Fortuna!" playing in my head) I asked the man if he'd like to have my cookie, I haven't opened it yet, so. But, with a smile on his face, he said, "Oh no, thank you. I'm trying to be good. Went to the gym yesterday for the first time after 2 years."

"That's great!" I exclaimed, "I'm trying to be good about that too."

The 75+ year-old man then said, and this I won't forget, "I'm trying to change my life around."

And THAT, folks, is how you do motivation.

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