Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 182: Awe Maaan...

OYLPA Day 182: Awe Maaan..., originally uploaded by klodhie.
Yes, it stinks that we lost to India's team. Yes, we could have played much better. But what a bit of awesomeness it is that we got to the 2nd semi-final of the Cricket World Cup, especially considering where we were a couple years back! I'm darn proud and still say, "Go Green Team!" Thanks for lifting a nation and a people's mood, we needed it =)

And of course, a grumbling congrats to our desi neighbors (Bah! Humbug!). Let's see what happens in Mumbai now...

Oh ya, and for today's picture I thought I'd bring out a pic I took at a bakery in Lahore last month the day of the Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka match at the end of February. Mmm, I'm reminded of the smell of fresh bread baking upstairs, what a cool bakery! (Bread and Beyond).

Oh and tomorrow afternoon officially marks the 50% completion OYLPA. 50%... O__o

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