Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 232: British Ethnic Store?!

It's one of those places in your neighborhood you would never have found had you not been looking for something very specific - in my case, an English teapot (which are much harder to come by than I had ever imagined). A Yelp search brought me to this little hidden spot called "The British Connection." It seems to be a spot for touristy items (because the sign and flags outside do not indicate that enough) as well as those quirky food items that someone having grown up in England may be familiar with and love. So bizarre that an ethnic British store exists in the middle of Torrance, and in all these years I never once spotted it.

I ended up finding a teapot, but decided to drive a ways out to another little place called "Tea and Teacups," where I spent at least an hour, enthralled by absurdly adorable English tea things (it's a spot for Afternoon Tea as well; too bad it's too far, boo). Found what I was looking for, and felt a bit nostalgic for London.

Serious preparations for an impending themed bridal shower are under way! (You must guess the theme, bwaha!).

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