Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 160: Remnants of Pakistan

Maybe it's just the jet lag or maybe it's something else, but when I see the objects we gathered while in Pakistan this past month, and I hear only silence in this empty house, I miss Pakistan all the more. I wonder if this is how all desis living in the diaspora feel upon returning "home" from a trip to the motherland? Or is it only those of us who have no family here that feel it, or feel the sting a little more?


  1. Thanks for the birthday shout out. Oh wait, there wasn't one.

  2. You weren't home to celebrate with us soooo...

  3. My Husband is from Pakistan and would probably be able to relate with you on this. He's been here in the U.S. with me for four years and hasn't been able to celebrate Ramadan or his birthday with his family in all that time. He's gone to visit his family twice but every time has been in the summer and I can tell he gets sad and wants to go home more often. So I am sure he feels the same way, especially because in our whole town, there are only 3 other Pakistani's.

  4. DreamWeaver,

    It's definitely difficult coming back to a quiet town in America after a fun visit to the family in such a busy, bustling place like Pakistan. The difference b/w myself and many other Pakistanis (I'm assuming such as your husband?) is that I've been born and raised here and my immediate family is with me, which makes coming back to L.A. ok in a way. I have many friends who have grown up in Pakistan and had to leave their immediate and extended families to settle alone here, and I can't even begin to imagine how hard of an experience that must be.

    Many times I find comfort in my desi friends here, and we're able to instinctively create a "desi motherland" vibe. With only 3 other Pakistanis in your town (wow!), I'm sure it becomes difficult for you guys to create such a feeling. My mother has missed spending quality time with her family since the 80s, and I just wish teleportation would hurry up and exist to make these "living abroad" situations easier!