Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 276: Rare Day with the Fam

My family is strange; that's why I belong in it, and that's why I love it.

Growing up, I think I took my family for granted: they were always there when I needed siblings to play with, parents for guidance and support, and a cat that brought us all closer together. Even the little habits with which we unknowingly (and many times knowingly) annoyed each other were yelled at and then quickly forgotten over stomach-holding-worthy jokes and laughter.

But now we're all growing up, if even just a little, and times are changing, and so the problems and joys we face and experience as a unit are changing. Now what I cherish most are days like these, when the most beloved moments are those quiet in nature: a cup of ice cream shared on a hot summer day with my father, words of reassurance passed from mother to daughter and back, time spent with siblings remembering old moments and watching a movie together as the three of us often used to when we were all at home.

A weekend like this is rare nowadays, when each of us is home together and has time for the other. Perhaps it is this rare quality which makes it all the more special.

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