Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 238: Finch

OYLPA Day 238: Finch, originally uploaded by klodhie.
While driving out today I came upon some unusual traffic (which turned out to be the result of a minor accident that had caused 3 out of 5 lanes of a major street to be blocked). I had hardly been in that traffic stoppage for five minutes, when I got curious and looked around to see people gesturing furiously while on their cell phones, slapping their foreheads and making that general look of "Oh come on!" Is it possible that, as a species, we have evolved (or devolved) an inability to wait?

Seeing this saddened me a bit, so when I got home I decided to forget everything else and just sit outside, and wait. It was completely wonderful. I realized I had forgotten what the wind sounds like when it brushes past leaves, how lovely the chirping of birds sounds, and how sweetly they bounce from place to place. I waited until the finches my dad has been feeding thought me nonthreatening enough to come near and eat their seeds, and the same for the backyard cat, and I took time to look at the spider's web and an assuming little purple flower amidst the creeping vines.
Short clip of the finches here =) 

Oh, and a photo of some other birds sitting in a tree.

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