Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 237: What is Happening to Pakistan?

Tues., May 24, 2011

What is happening to Pakistan? Sitting so far away, it's difficult to see what we see on the news here in America and not wonder what is really going on, especially after seeing first-hand how conditions in Pakistan were far more hyped in Western media than they actually were back in February.

Things here in daily life feel relatively calm and absolutely trivial in comparison - daily chores, tasks to complete, finding outfits for parties, even looking for a job. But every day I pass by the news, my heart skips a beat because my eyes are hoping to not come across the word "Pakistan," because each time it does, I dread that my family may have been hurt there. It is a constant worry in the back of my mind, and I'm sure it is for our entire community here in the diaspora. Our families are there, people we love and care for deeply. And even if some of us do not have family there any more, and no matter how much some may have become "Westernized" here, we all have ties to our homeland of Pakistan, and we all want to see it prosper.

But all we see these days is a worsening and worsening, at least from our eyes here in America. We all plainly see the corrupt "President" Zardari slowly selling the country and its people out, piece by piece - we can see it happening yet we don't know what to do about, because it feels like there is something so much bigger and more corruptly intricate going on. How could OBL have simply been living in a mansion in the country's capital without anyone in power knowing? How can an entire Pakistani military base be taken over suddenly by a few terrorists, when Pakistan's military forces are known to be some of the best in the world? Who really is trying to get their hands on Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, and why? Why isn't anyone stopping all this?

Stories and theories and conspiracy theories and facts and emotions abound. Yet at the end of it all, I still wonder with a sad ache, what is happening to Pakistan?


  1. So awful. I worry for the future of Pakistan. The people have yet to recover from the earthquake and flood disasters. Stronger leadership would be helpful!

  2. What's happening to Pakistan is the same exact thing that's haunting it every single day in last 64 years. Our euphoria blocks it sometimes but its always there.