Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 221: Mother's Day Kathak Recital

Sun., May 8, 2011

A Mother's Day bitter sweet: spent only in brief glimpses with the mama, but also spent knowing that the completion of today's event would mean more time at home with her and the family. (For now, bwahah!)

Nupur Dance Academy's Spring (Mother's Day) Kathak Recital went off beautifully this evening! A packed audience of supportive and enthusiastic members applauded the great efforts of Smt. Prachi Dixit, our fantastic artists from India Ranjeet and Ajeet Pathak as well as a talented orchestra including clarinet and sitar artists (Malathi Iyangar and Paul Livingstone, respectively), and of course the growing number of dedicated students of NDA. For the young children it was a special day to be able to share their proud time on stage with their mothers and fathers and grandparents (some of whom, as you can see, were performing themselves as well =) ), and for the older students another blessed opportunity to partake in the beauty that is classical music and dance in live format. Always a wonderful way to appreciate the splendor of the world and people and joy given to us.

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