Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 220: Masters in our Midst

OYLPA Day 220: Masters in our Midst, originally uploaded by klodhie.
Sat., May 7, 2011

Their are true masters in our midst: the creative, the insightful, the progressive, the enormously skilled; to see such artists grow and expand in the world is quite the treat. Naureen Meyer, an artist and architectural designer based in L.A., is one such master of her craft. An exhibition of her Thesis work titled "The Cosmetic Limit" explores "...the expanse and ability of the cosmetic effect to transform the identity of architecture..." through multifaceted layers of creative and critical thought (Meyer 2010).

Whether it is fake eyelashes or long acrylic nails in her models, Meyer uses her art and design to uniquely illustrate the point that "Much like the relationship of makeup to the human face, the cosmetic enhances and creates illusion in existing [architectural] features," (Meyer 2010). Naureen Meyer works her exploration into this topic in the context of "...Gordon Kaufman's facade to the original Los Angeles Times building..." by "operating" on it, suggesting that such "operations" offer a way of , "...potentially revitalizing the face of the endangered newspaper and repositioning its identity in the city," (Meyer 2010).

Her work speaks for itself in its own bold and daring ways here today at the A & D Museum in L.A. Yet beyond that, what this lovely person also represents to me (and you must have known this piece was coming), is a new, up-and-coming and powerful example of a young Pakistani-American female working with her passion against the grain of expected career and interest "norms." To pursue a career from true passion (and to deny the "doctor" and the "engineer" and the "lawyer" simply for their major brownie points value in the community), and that too as a female, is a feat worth recognizing, especially when the field is one so bold as architectural design and art.

I respect Naureen Meyer for her significant work in art and architectural design, and I also respect her for her place as a role model for and positive representative of our Pakistani-American community here in L.A. (double props, mad respect).

Check out her work here:

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