Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 204: Slideshows

Project #1,059,985 complete. Slideshows complete for father, Todd Shea, and Lanny Cordola's March 13th visit to National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) sites in Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan this past March, including a basic education Pre-School, K-5 School, and an Adult Literacy and Skills Training Center.

So many people trying to do what they can to support Pakistanis every day. Pakistan's government really, really needs to step it up (and by step it up I mean Zardari needs to not be vacationing in Europe off of blood and stolen money from his fellow Pakistanis). I wonder if he has nightmares every night about what he's doing?

In the mean time, orgs like NCHD, Shine Humanity, DIL, and Edhi Foundation do what they can and more, and I'm so proud of our people for not giving up, even in the face of so many natural and political disasters. Hope is such an important thing!

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