Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 198: The Interview

OYLPA Day 198: The Interview, originally uploaded by klodhie.

Fri., April 15, 2011

Interviewed for Summit today and felt good about it. Although my entire life has mostly been spent in gigantic, comprehensive public schools (both as a student and a teacher), the concept of the small public school with no more than about 400-500 students has always appealed to me.

I remember visiting this school before to do an observation during grad school, and the moment I entered the doors back then, the place had such a welcoming feeling, and I could tell that everyone knew everyone, and it was a community where no student would ever fall through the cracks.

Coming back to the same school today immediately brought back the memory of that pleasant visit. As soon as I entered the building I could hear students clapping and cheering, and saw the open meeting occurring near the main entrance. Seeing the students and teachers, and the entire atmosphere actually, made me ache to be back in the classroom and interact with another group of amazing human beings.

While the interview felt good and I loved the atmosphere of the Summit system so far, a few more steps await (such as an observation by one of the school members). With the multiple steps that lie ahead in the interviewing/hiring process, there is of course no clear certainty of a move up north; then again, I've learned there is no certainty of anything in life, other than one's will power, determination, and faith, and even those may falter at times. But the thought that if this is the right fit for me and for the school, and if this is what is best for me at this point in my life and for the students I would be teaching, then things will work out. Always a reason for everything, right?

Whatever may happen, I'm ready to get back to teaching with all my heart!

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