Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 123: An Afternoon in "Mughal Era Lucknow"

What a treat today! Dance class followed immediately by an afternoon at LACMA for a kathak dance presentation, "Darbar-e-Aaina" or "Reflections of the Court" by The Nrityodaya Kathak Academy, produced by Bhairavi Kumar jee and company (See photos and videos of the performance here!). The dance performance itself was completely enjoyable, but I have to say, the man in "Mughal" attire that walked in at the beginning of the performance and sat on stage throughout was quite fun as well (I felt bad for the two "pankhe walis" [fan girls], well, just one of them, because the other sat down and totally flaked on the one left standing and swinging this gigantic fan for the "Mughal emperor").

Even more of a treat was the unexpected exhibition "India’s Fabled City: The Art of Courtly Lucknow," a collection of Mughal art specifically from Lucknow, which is on view until Feb. 27, 2011, so go see it if you get a chance! Oh, and if you're really really interested, also check out an upcoming presentation they are having on Sun., Feb. 6, 2pm: "Listening to the Courtesan—The Soundscapes of Pakeezah." The detail and delicacy with which Mughal era miniature paintings were made is incredible to see up close, and being close to antique Mughal jewelry and royal clothing is quite a feeling. Don't miss the panoramic photographs taken from atop palaces of Lucknow during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 (My photos from the exhibition here).

Exhibition spoiler alert! I was walking through the exhibit and came upon a small area blocked off by thick black curtains. Naturally, I had to peak inside. Can you guess what I found? Meena Kumari dancing to "Thade Rahiyo" from the hit 1971 Bollywood film "Pakeezah" and people sitting and watching up in awe.

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