Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 122: Friends, Felt, and Chai

Got to spend some time this morning with a sweet friend and some pieces of felt, followed by a cup of her amazingly good chai (I will probably be coming over for more soon =) ). She showed me her beautiful Native American silver corn flower necklace from New Mexico, and I just had to photograph her with it!

Now to the second part of my day. I debated on whether I should mention it or not, but for that very reason, I knew I absolutely had to. I went to my first "Muslim Singles Banquet" this afternoon/evening (I know, I know...ugh, groan, gasp!). I was mostly dreading it, and I doubt I need to explain why, and I would have canceled if it were possible, but it wasn't as completely awkward and miserable as I thought it would be. Made a quick and early exit though. I could go on and on discussing the frustration women such as myself feel nowadays living in this odd American + South Asian existence in which we must deal with incompetent boys who, even at 27, have no knowledge of what they want in life, but I'll spare every desi reading this the agony of going over it yet again (since you've probably heard it from your mama already today).

At the end of the day, it was just nice to have some wonderful conversations with my girl pals, oh haaaay!

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