Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 2 - Foray into Baking (Part I)

Day 2: Foray into Baking (Part I) - "French Macarons & Financiers," a class at Gourmandise Desserts in Culver City (
Fri., Oct. 1, 2010

"Why won't these stupid egg whites form 'stiff peaks'?! Why won't they even turn white, darnit?!" said a frustrated me on my last attempt at whipping up egg whites about a year ago. Today, I learned that I am indeed not a complete failure when it comes to baking!

Yes, my egg whites formed stiff peaks today!!! Success!!! The most valuable lesson, however, was on how to really "fold" a batter. Fantastic. Making these little French Macarons was a blast in a small class environment. On the menu? Read on!

-Chocolate macarons w/coffee ganache
-Vanilla bean macarons w/raspberry buttercream
-Vanilla bean macarons w/salted caramel ganache
-Classic almond financiers w/chocolate

Yum =) I shall freeze my little friends here and whip them out for some company (or I shall eat them all within the next hour).

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