Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 1 - An Afternoon on Pioneer Blvd.

Day 1: An afternoon on Pioneer Blvd., L.A.'s "Little India"
Thurs., Sept. 30, 2010

Pioneer Blvd. in Artesia, CA, also known as "Little India," is that little strip of land desis in Southern California go to in order to get that "motherland" feel. Ok, so it's not that nice, but it's what we have, and I've grown up on trips to Pioneer Blvd. While the stores and restaurants, such as this one (Bombay Sweets and Snacks) are mostly Indian, a couple here and there, such as Mirage and Shalimar Jewelers, are Pakistani, helping people like me feel (slightly) represented in the South Asian circuit.

This particular snack place I went to today on a whim (make note that it's a 30 - 45 min. drive in SoCal traffic) has some of the most delicious Punjabi mithai (desserts). I chose to get a plain barfii and refreshing bottle of Diet Coke (yay). Spicier snacks here like their chaat are awesome as well.

I do miss the obscenely bright green carpet and tacky decorations they used to have here. I used to call it the "green carpet place," and what the heck, I still do (when anyone understands my reference, I beam with joy). While green carpet and an "upper level seating area" no longer grace this mithaii heaven, it's always nice to walk in to see some Indian songs playing on the flat screen.

Ahh, the odd things that excite me.

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