Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 13: Trackin' Ma Pizza (& Musings on an Atif Aslam/Strings Song)

It's a moment of triumph - you see the red blinking bar reach "Out for Delivery," and you know right away that your pizza is on its way to your mouth. I watched "Domino's Tracker" today, and visualized my baby pizza being born, raised into wholesome thin crust goodness, watched as its professors gave it an exam and graduated it into my arms. All the while, I could also 'surf the web.' What an invention.

But let's not talk about pizza. Let's quickly discuss this new music video and song by Atif Aslam and Strings called "Ab Khud Hi Kuch Karna Parega" (roughly translated into "Now We Have to Take Matters into Our Own Hands"). Video and song here. Briefly, it discusses the fact that the citizens of Pakistan are the only ones that can begin to undo and revolutionize the decades of social and political corruption, recent Islamic extremism which has led to disgusting violence, poverty, illiteracy etc. While the images and words make me sad to see my family's homeland in such turmoil, they ultimately have a sense of empowerment, strength, and hope.

I commend artists in Pakistan for continuing to do what they do in the midst of a country in strife. I often think that musicians may be the ones that will bring ultimate peace between Pakistan and India, as those like Atif Aslam have been trying to do. But I want to hear your thoughts on this below (post comment):

-Do you think a video and song like "Ab Khud Hi Kuch Karna Parega" can have an actual, tangible effect on society? A Pakistani society in particular? Enough to cause a revolution (keeping in mind that there are many kinds of 'revolutions')?

-Do you know of any other examples of songs that have had this effect in history? It would be interesting to compare.

Hope to hear from all of you!

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