Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 14: Ya, I Play Video Games - and What?!

There are only a few stores in front of which I stop midst walk and stare open-mouthed and dreamy eyed. One of them is indeed, the video game store. Yes, I play video games, and I'm proud of it. Aaand, I don't need to be holding a virtual gun in order to enjoy my games - a magic wand or sword will do, and it doesn't hurt to be virtually sitting atop a horse in a field of tall green grass, epic music playing in the background.

Well, while I anxiously await the next adventure in the Zelda series ("Skyward Sword," do not disappoint me!), today I stopped for NBA Jam on Wii. If my brother is reading this, he knows what he's getting wrapped up with a bow this weekend...or IS he?!

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