Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 319: What Do You See?

Absurdly long-legged monster wire cat carrying our electricity?

("Taste of India" restaurant sign unintentionally placed in shot).
Today is Pakistan's Independence Day - there was a time I thought it a day of celebration. But this time it feels different, even barring the whole issue of Partition and my sad feelings about that. Every year there is such a fake hullabaloo about Independence Day, but soon after Pakistan is forgotten and misused, and Pakistan's enemies, including terrorists, corrupt politicians and government officials, the spread of extremism, etc., continue to undo a country that holds our families and heritage, and possibly a beautiful future should Independence Day come to mean anything truly of importance to the masses. If it really is our "pyara watan," what are we doing to help it? Conversely and simultaneously, what have we been doing to hurt it?

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