Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 316: Melting Sun

OYLPA Day 314: Melting Sun by klodhie
OYLPA Day 314: Melting Sun, a photo by klodhie on Flickr.
A good day. Half of it spent getting back into the academic mode through a professional development session titled, "What Psychologists Know that Teachers Don't" - the title assumes a bit much, but the session was helpful nonetheless. While I can't imagine being a teacher without inherently being a mentor, my new position at the charter school will give me the opportunity to actually have a mentoring group. There is much to learn and improve on this year! Can't wait for work to start on Monday - two weeks of professional development on campus - can it get better than that?

The second half of my day was spent on the road home for an impromptu decision to move up all my teaching material boxes rather than have them shipped (ok, so an added incentive was to see my family =) ). Another weekend of moving awaits...

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