Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 305: Waiting for a Cable Car

After all of the help my sister gave me yesterday and this morning, I thought I'd take her out for a nice day in the city, riding up Powell on a cable car, feeling the wind in our hair, seeing the magnificent view of the Bay from atop the hill, and then spending an afternoon strolling along the strand, Ghirardelli chocolates in our hands.

Alas, no. Summer is apparently a horrific time to visit the city, at least the "touristy" parts of it. We spent the afternoon going in circles due to this whole "No Left Turn" nonsense (my bad my bad, sorry Koovs), then proceeded to wait for cable cars the rest of the afternoon. The view was indeed gorgeous once at the top of the hill. Rather than wind in our hair, we got people's purses and stomachs in our faces because of the packed cable cars. After a few uphill climbs, we took a taxi back, just in time to get K. to the airport. Sorry Koovs! Hopefully next time you visit up I can make up for it (SF is a wonderful city, I promise!).

By the end of today, I can proudly say that in my new place, while I may not have a place to sit or sleep, I do have a TV and a PS3, and that's all I really need =)

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