Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 297: Night Glow

OYLPA Day 297: Night Glow by klodhie
OYLPA Day 297: Night Glow, a photo by klodhie on Flickr.
A friend's post on FB introduced me to this fantastic BBC video story about Sachal Orchestra, a jazz orchestra from Lahore, Pakistan (see the BBC video and Official Music Video below!).

I often wonder if music will be what saves our Pakistan?

This all made me think about the importance of sound in our lives, and while music is undeniably the universal tongue (and what may very well save all creaturekind), I also think about the importance of voices. I thought of this as I thought of the fact there are people who I haven't heard from in years, but whose voices I still remember, and I can imagine them speaking to me with that same tone of voice, the same inflection. The voices of friends I see often are clear enough in my mind and sound memory. And then there are those people who came briefly into my life, whose voices I now cannot remember, try as hard as I may. But if they were here for such a short while, does it even matter that their voices left no imprint? What is the value of your voice, of mine?

But heavy thoughts aside, music remains a memorable matter, and this I know you'll remember:

"Pakistan orchestra reinvents jazz classic"

And watch the official MUSIC VIDEO here!!

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