Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 291: Carmageddon, Naturally

Of course, I couldn't go the whole weekend without mentioning the weekend that everyone is referring to as "Carmageddon," a 2-day stretch of time in which the 405 fwy, one of the nation's absolute worst in terms of traffic, had a significant portion closed. With all the doomsday signs around the city and endless news stories about "Carmageddon" on TV, radio, online, and in everyone's daily conversations for the past month or so, the city braced for near-meltdown. But come Saturday, the freeways and roads were free of traffic as never before, and come Sunday morning, ridiculously fabulous construction workers, managers, and organizers of the 405 fwy project had completely demolished and then swiftly fixed the bridge 17 HOURS EARLY.

I wonder where workers in Lahore are at in finishing that Bhatta Chowk roadway project that was in the midst of major, dusty work back in February...

(The surprising helpfulness of "Carmageddon" helped me reach yet another friend's Valima this evening. This marked the last wedding [that I know of at this point] of the summer. The wedding season will pick up again with full force around December).

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