Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 286: The Art of Bargaining

...and today in Hindi-Urdu...the art of bargaining! Some more awesome themed activity ideas by A.J. Students shared their knowledge of bargaining and explored tons of bargaining-in-action videos, including pieces of a Pakistani TV show series "Paisa Kahani" (another great find by Anshu. I need to watch this series when I get the chance), bargaining in South India, Sid from "Wake Up Sid" bargaining with his father, etc. (Watch one of the first bargaining episodes of "Paisa Kahani" below!).

The students then practiced their bargaining language with Anshu and I. I completely enjoyed the students' creativity in language and their willingness to play around with words and phrases, accessing language they've probably heard their parents use or in movies. Their willingness to let go and be silly in class made the activity all the better =) The sob story, "Mere paanch bacche hain ghar pe" became a prime tactic, and once one student boldly attempted to use it against me in order to get me to lower my prices, others tried it too (overall quite successfully I'd say - most were able to get a great deal from me...ok fine, and I messed up my own pricing because I can't do math).

On the plate for tomorrow: a site visit and observation from StarTalk, and our much-awaited "Stations Activity." Continuing our week of experiencing and shopping in South Asia!

"Paisa Kahani: Bargaining ki Kahani" - A. pointed out a fun scene at 3:23 -

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