Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 263: Birthday in Space

The creativity and talents of the people around never cease to amaze me. Today's Alien-themed birthday party was probably the most unique one that I have ever been to, and also one at which the time and effort of many talented individuals was quite obvious: vibrant contrasting colors, adorable handmade table decor, homemade desserts, mini-games, and even a hand-painted board to put your face through and take pictures as an "alien" couple.

Topping it all off were the babies running around, including a fashionable 1-year-old birthday girl in a handmade rocker-alien-space-girl suit, sparkly silver and pink, and of course the baby Jedi walking around haphazardly in a Jedi robe, light saber in hand.

What were the parents most excited about? The "gola ganDa" stand at which the mango flavor apparently was all the rage.

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