Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 249: Engagement Shoot Part Dos

More lessons learned on day 2 of the engagement shoot (one of which I shall return to reveal post-friend's wedding).

Also one of those days when everything happens all at once, and like a beam of brightness, a path opens before you in a place you would not have imagined it would.

I feel freed in more ways than one today: firstly, disclaimer notes (i.e. "don't waste my time") at the ends of introductory emails to boyz you've been introduced to by aunties sometimes actually work. A quite openly stated "not available" reply received, and I feel refreshed to see an honest reply for once. Perhaps such disclaimer notes should become the norm amongst desis...

Secondly, well, I'll wait until some papers are signed to publicly announce this one...

I command you to wait with bated breath!

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