Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 235: A Sesame Street 1st Birthday

There's a new Pakistani-American kid on the block, just turned 1, and she's already had an entire street blocked off and named "Zehra Street"* (signs and all) in honor of her thoroughly Sesame Street-themed birthday party.

Only in L.A.

You enter through a brick facade entryway, with the green sign "Zehra Street" on top, and a large clapperboard reading "Quiet on the Set!" The birthday party spans the street, with bright colors everywhere. Life-size Big Bird and Elmo roam around entertaining kids, an entire school bus is on your left. Guess what's in the bus? 4 flat screens for video games (the kids that went into this bus at the beginning of the party never came out). Crepe station, Fruit station, cupcakes, Soda station, Ice cream and floats, coffee, Noorani desi food, Fuddruckers burgers, Italian. Photo booth, pottery painting for kids, Abby's storybook corner, and a dancefloor with a personal ballerina to teach the kids that wish to dance. A throne for the birthday baby, Big Bird Cake, and friends and family galore. Kid's a G.

Only in L.A.
*Name changed

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