Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 216: Scheduling an Unscheduled Existence

As my pen reached the paper and wrote "Learn Japanese" under my already loaded to-do list, I paused and realized that I may have, against all my assumptions, finally reached the limit of what I can reasonably accomplish at any given time during my current unscheduled existence. So, unfortunately, "Learning Japanese" has been pushed to July (as have "Practice Piano," and "Re-read/learn grad school texts).

There was a time during the past couple hundred days when I would complain about the lack of stuff to do, and all of a sudden I find myself finally having to create a school-like daily itinerary, in which every hour is filled with an activity. I am happy about this - I've scheduled an unscheduled existence.

Days of "nothing to do" - you have officially been OWNED.

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