Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 196: S.F. in a New Light

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The relatively somber way I've been feeling has shed new light on the way I view San Francisco, and even on the way I view myself. Actually, it is really just one realization: against all previous assumptions about myself, I have finally grown out of a previous phase of "independence" and, starting today, I accept the fact that traveling solo is close to no good. At least for now. Whereas last year's trip to this beautiful city (a solo trip in February 2010) was fun and exciting, this time around, the same city looks dull and pointless, a haven for hipsters and too many metrosexual men with tight skinny jeans and scarves. *vomiting a little*.

I could just simply be cranky, missing my cat. Or it could be the real deal: I need human interaction, too! I don't think I'll attempt another trip without a travel buddy (or two, or four) any time soon.


  1. Totally random - Would you be up for a trip to Portland Oregon? Perhaps before you start working?

  2. Why not?! Hopefully we can find a time to go that works for both of us. Happy I might get to see you here soon =)