Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 194: In Loving Memory of Sheroo

Dearest Sheroo,

We really, really loved you little kid. You have no idea how much happiness you gave our family with your cartoonishly adorable big blue eyes and your pink, pink nose. I'm not exactly sure how you did it, such a sly little angel, but you were able to bring our family closer together - it is because of you that we all learned to be friends with each other. Without you, I can honestly say that our family would not be as it is today.

We're going to miss the routines of your life that you shared with each of us (although each one a sign of how you had us wrapped around your fancy little paws): walking you to your food bowl, pouring a fresh cold glass of water for you, daily brushings, and of course those countless hours of petting and goo-goo ga-gaing over your general, unbelievable cuteness.

You are also probably aware of how famous you are, the gigantic fluffy Sher Khan that you were during your life. You can boast to the others in animal heaven that you were called, on numerous occasions, "The biggest cat [others] have ever seen!"

I didn't know that those of your kind, when they feel that it is their time to pass on, walk away into the distance to find a final place to rest, away from people and things. It disturbed me a bit when I was told today, and it still does I have to say, to think that you were physically alone. But I know that the night before you slept soundly, purring away cuddled up with me and your little sister, and I know that the next morning you ate a good meal as usual before you left to walk the last lonely path. I found you this morning looking unhurt, almost as if you were just asleep, and your family takes comfort in knowing (and praying) that you truly experienced no pain.

I know you're with your own cat family now (how cute you must all look with little angel wings), and your family here just wants you to know that you are deeply loved and missed. We also want you to know that we thank you for all the joy you brought us over the years in your own quiet way, and that the lessons about life you've taught us, even through your very last day here, are going to shape the rest of our lives in very, very important ways. Thank you dear little brother and rest in peace!

Your Family =)


  1. awww, so sorry for your loss. :(

  2. aw Kiran. I'm sorry about your little baby. So beautiful. I hope you are well.

  3. Thanks girls, I really, really appreciate your words. It helps to have some support. We miss him a lot!