Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 190: What Spring May Bring

I've often found the saying "When it rains, it pours" to be quite true in life, and not necessarily as a negative (I'm trying to remember the exact phrasing of the Urdu version, but can't seem to remember it). Sure, in negative terms, sometimes the same year can bring a phase in which someone/thing out there seems to want to pile up ALL the dirty dishes on you at once. Yet this same someone/thing can turn around and within the same year suddenly feel like showering you with one lovely flower after another. Perhaps this is the way you feel your entire life has gone in phases, one good, one bad, again and again. Each bad phase can seem like it's the worst, while each good one may somehow go without special attention or gratitude on our parts.

Maybe it's just the "Spring" feeling in the air that's getting to me, and all of the above is nonsense. Don't know. Whatever it is, I've been feeling this past week that after a few difficult months, it's time again for those flowers. Work opportunities arising in the multiples all of a sudden (even if each one small), and even simple times like going out and having lunch with the boys are enjoyable these days. Close ones getting better slowly as well. To this the Pakistani in me screams "Allah ka shukr hai" and "Nazar na lage!!!" (will I someday become one of those superstitious aunties whispering secret blessings and phoonk-o-fying everywhere?!).

One never knows what days to come will hold, but every little sign of hope helps. Whoever you are and whatever it is you've been experiencing these past few months, may this Spring bring you happiness; I truly mean it.

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