Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 167: Fishy Observation

OYLPA Day 167: Fishy Observation, originally uploaded by klodhie.
Spent some time at the beach and pier today, and ran into some fishermen who were happy to show off their catches of the day. I pushed my natural inclinations once again and was successfully rewarded with photos and funny conversations with strangers, something I'm beginning to really enjoy.

The fishing act itself completely turned me off with all the poor things flopping about gasping for air, bloody mouths from the steel hooks, but I knew that my being turned off was not a good enough reason not to photograph what was happening; if anything, it gave me more reason to do so. I wouldn't go looking for opportunities to photograph the act again, though. And yes, I eat fish, so I'm a complete hypocrite.

On an unrelated side note, for some odd reason I forgot that desi people are indeed capable of getting minor sun burns, the result of which is a nose that looks like it's suffering from spicey nehari syndrome.
Link to all photos from today coming soon (check back!)

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