Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 142: Comfortable Discomfort - Car Ride through Bhatta Chowk

Rode through what my aunt says is the "worst" part of Lahore: Bhatta Chowk. See it here: "Comfortable Discomfort: Car Ride through Bhatta Chowk". I asked her "worst" in terms of what? Violence? She said in terms of "dirtiest." The street is actually mesmerizing as it is bustling with people and animals and activities and food and yes, dirt. I commented that I'd love to get out and walk through the area, and was laughed at and told by my mother that if I attempted such a thing I would be gawked at and pinched by the men, even if I were to cover myself completely in a shawl. Ahh well, maybe I'll need to come back some day with an intimidating-looking male friend/family member, cricket bat in hand.

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