Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 118: Dirty Sunflower

OYLPA Day 118: Dirty Sunflower, originally uploaded by klodhie.
I almost wince now when I resort to taking photos of flowers, so I took my frustration out on the flower and dirtied it up a bit in the darkroom.

While sitting at this cafe, I noticed a young man with quite a striking profile sitting diagonally across from me. Curly, dirty blond hair just above the nape of his neck, a softer version of a Romanesque nose, well-dressed. Most interesting though was that he sat alone, and his empty gaze out the window, the afternoon sun laying soft shadows on the contours of his face.

I wanted to photograph him in that moment, in a cafe alone amongst the yellow sunflowers and yellow walls and thick yellow table covers, but I hesitated once again. I did not know whether it would be appropriate, or how I should even go about it. Should I go up to him with my camera out, and simply say, "Hello, I'm an aspiring photographer and can't help notice what a lovely profile you have. Could I photograph you?" The teenage girls sitting right next to him were in the way, which made me hesitate further. More than anything, I worried about whether he would scream at me to leave him alone, a short video clip of which then played in my mind.

So I did not get a photograph of the young man with a striking profile. Instead, I got yet another photo of a flower, and I hate it.

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