Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 113: Hershey's Kiss

OYLPA Day 113: Hershey's Kiss, originally uploaded by klodhie.
What possible meaning of importance does this Hershey's Kiss have in my life today? Absolutely none other than the fact that I ate it and enjoyed it.

Most of my day was spent getting to/from and being at the airport, that massive tangle of terminals and parking structures and people with luggage. It wasn't sweet like this Kiss at all. While waiting for a friend to arrive, I wanted to whip out my camera and get a wide-angle shot of the new and colorful Tom Bradley Int'l Arrivals area, but I was too hesitant to attract negative attention from airport security. After all, a brown person taking out this clicking device at LAX would probably be an invitation for them to tackle me to the ground.

I talked on the phone while waiting near the doorway, and two female security women came and stood right next to me, talking to one another. I was positively convinced that they were trying to listen in on my conversation, that they assumed that I was suspicious just because I was brown and had a phone up to my ear. At the same time I wondered if I should feel silly for being paranoid. I wondered if all the other brown people there at the time (and boy were there a lot of brown people) experienced the same feeling when at the airport - guilty for no reason, just for being brown, Pakistani, Muslim?

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