Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 110: Go Kart World (and Ungrateful 21st c. Children)

Is it just me or are kids these days on the whole more ungrateful than ever before? In our 20s, we are excited to win 5 tickets out of Whack-a-Mole. We drool over plastic colored flutes, 25 tickets each, and try to pick our prizes in the most cost efficient yet maximum fun way. We're elated and jumping with joy when our friend springs a ball into a 100 tickets slot!

But when we decide to bring the joy we feel to the little children at Go Kart World by giving each of them 25 of the recent 100 ticket win, we're shocked at their reaction. As my friend approaches one young kid playing a racing game with his father, she begins to hand him the tickets and without really looking at where the tickets are coming from, he grabs them and goes back to playing his game. His father remembers that saying "Thank You" might be appropriate, so a few seconds later asks his son, "What do you say?" I believe the kid didn't really respond.

We gave another little girl tickets as well, and her reaction was more of confusion than anything else. Her parents were thankful, at least.

Had someone walked up to me back in the day at Chuck E. Cheese's with an offer of 25 tickets for free, I believe I would have fainted from joy, or stared open mouthed in disbelief and then screamed "THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY 6 year-old YEAR!!" 25 tickets at an arcade, for free?! Do you know how many scratch-and-sniff stickers that is? How many sticky stretchy hands?! A SLAP BRACELET EVEN?!! My goodness children of the 21st century, how ungrateful the iPod era has made you! Next time, we'll keep our extra tickets and buy ourselves a freakin' Beanie Baby for 200!

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