Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 85: Walimah

OYLPA Day 85: Walimah, originally uploaded by klodhie.
Last event of the K&S wedding bonanza! The walimah (party from the groom's side/first party as a married couple) was another lovely event with these unique and fresh decorations. It was also a reunion day, as family and college friends from all over gathered for the event (So. Bay girls are back together, haaay!).

Speaking of "walimahs," a friend of mine told me earlier this week over a cup of coffee that in Arabic, a "walimah" refers to a feast: a gigantic tray piled with a mountain of rice, topped with a roasted baby camel or goat. I was forever scarred when I heard this story, and I can't talk about a "walimah" without a picture of a baby camel in my mind. This is a horrible way to end a post about a happy wedding event. Oh well.

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