Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 82: "Horrid Storm" Hits Los Angeles

I admit, Southern Californians are WEAK. We panic when it drizzles. High school (and many college) girls break out their "winter" Uggs or polar bear shoes or whatever you call them. It's an excuse for us to put on cute winter coats and wear Harry Potterish scarves. Rainy times in L.A. are such that you will find men wearing flip flops and shorts into a Starbucks to order an Iced Chai.

It hasn't stopped raining since Friday, and for L.A., it's been raining HEAVILY. Driving down Hawthorne or across the 91 fwy is like trying to ford a freakin' Oregon Trail river.

We're glad the hills are going to be green for a couple weeks and the smog will be temporarily washed away, but we're also completely ready for the sunshine to come back.

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