Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 4 - "Gita Govinda" Odissi Performance

Day 4: "Gita Govinda" Odissi Performance
Sun., Oct. 3, 2010

Saw an Odissi performance of "Gita Govinda" (a 12th century poetic work by Jayadeva about the relationship of Krishna to his lover Radha and the complications of love) by Sujata Mohapatra and Rajib Bhattacharya accompanied by the Menaka Thakkar Dance Co.

What a musical treat to see such a beautiful dance form LIVE, and near home! It was especially interesting to see the Odissi version of "Dashavatar," a piece that I'm familiar with in its Kathak form (as choreographed by the fabulous Maulik Shah and adapted by my beloved Kathak guru, Prachi Dixit - Nupur Dance Academy).

The love story of Krishna and Radha has always fascinated me - it is such a beautiful tale of simple human emotions on the surface, and at a deeper level, describes the yearning and love we have as humans for God - or our own soul, or the elemental universe, whichever you subscribe to.

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