Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 28: Gym it Up

Against all odds, I've (re)joined a gym! Enough is enough - I'm ready to feel better about life.

No longer will unemployment and stressful rishta emails from aunties sending bio datas of boys they've never met lead me to become unhealthy. I will run (ok, fast jog) the unemployment blues off! I will tone away those biodatas! Maybe I'll even yoga or salsa dance class my way into a new beginning.

Current (realistic) weight loss/endurance building/strengthening/de-stressing goal date? February 27, 2011. See you never, emo Kiran!


  1. yay good job! i got suckered into getting a personal trainer today. i'll teach you what they teach me ;)

  2. Thanks Dina! You definitely encouraged me that day =) I actually signed up for a personal trainer too, I wouldn't be so motivated otherwise. Should be fun exchanging workout routines!