Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 20: Cheesy

OYLPA Day 20: Cheesy, originally uploaded by klodhie.

Perhaps I've said this before about other things (probably food related), but few moments are as satisfying as a cheese moment. It is the moment in which you have a platter of various cheeses placed before you, and all that is expected of you is your consumption of those cheeses, no strings attached (I was dangerously close to adding a "string cheese" joke here, and decided that I would be dooming myself if I did so).

But wait! What's even better than a platter of cheese? A platter of cheese consumed amongst friends, along with the consumption of other foods and drinks! What a lovely way to spend a rainy weeknight in L.A. (thanks to a dear hostess who made some fabulous salmon cakes and filled red bell peppers). And on an evening with a cheese platter, cheesy lasagna, and of course cheesecake, what could else could follow but a few rounds of completely random charades? Perfect.

(Cheeses pictured: Fontina Val D'Aosta [front], Goat, Maytag Blue, and Beemster Classic [gouda])

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