Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 339: How Sweet it Sounds

How sweet it feels, this Urdu on my tongue!
How sweet they sound, these "jees" and "aaps."

Stumbling upon a cart of shawls and shalwar kameez in a San Jose mall, I had to stop and look to get my fill of "culture" after what felt like such a long time. I asked the shop keeper if the shawls were from Pakistan, and although he replied, "No they are Turkish," we pretty soon began a conversation in Urdu. A Karachi-ite himself, his fellow shopkeeper from Afghanistan, we all conversed in Urdu for a few minutes and wished one another Eid Mubarak and talked of upcoming desi events in the Bay Area. I left after telling them it felt nice to speak Urdu again after such a long time, and we were all in smiles.

I remained smiling the rest of the day. Ah I miss the feel and sound of my mother tongue at home! Even a language is missed more once it's gone.

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