Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 334: 1st Day of School (Kind of)

On the first day of school my new job gave to me
Another mentoring opportunity.

Lame. Sorry.

So after talking to a bunch of my incredible colleagues, I finally decided I'm going to try permanent group seating in my 9th English classes this year. It is always surprising to me how much norming has to go in to the beginning of the year processes, to the point where students (and myself) have truly internalized the norms of groupwork, classroom, and school behavior and characteristics.

I'm continuing to learn the ropes of mentoring - such a different but exciting "hat" to add to being a classroom teacher. Whereas last week I felt awkward putting on that "mentor hat," this week (again after colleagues helped me calm down) I feel like I'm beginning to let go of the notion that I need to act like a mentor, which in turn makes me feel more natural in the role.

It's Eid tomorrow, such a special day, and Chaand Raat tonight. I'll be honest though - I forgot until I talked to family this evening; sad, I know. Eid mubarak to those of you celebrating, and hope you enjoy with family and friends =) (and those of you not celebrating, partake in the happiness and food and hugs and good vibes, oh and that eidi too!). Oh wait, and of course, Chaand Raat and Eid are good days to remember those who need our support...

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