Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 310: Potato Sack

OYLPA Day 310: Potato Sack by klodhie
OYLPA Day 310: Potato Sack, a photo by klodhie on Flickr.
Trying to find fun ways to stay organized and reduce waste as much as possible (I don't know, I thought potato sack recycling bags would be fun).

On a side note, I was in line for coffee after opening fast this evening on campus, and in the line was a group of high school students, probably doing a summer program at the university. One of the girls "bites her thumb" and flicks it at a boy in the group. He responds in a booming, theatrical voice, "Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?" to which she replied, "I do sir, and do you bite your thumb at me, sir?" and he replies with the biting of his thumb at her. Ah, random Shakespeare references from high school students in coffee shops - what can be more entertaining? I cannot WAIT to get back to an English classroom =)

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