Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 273: Ab Inse Milo Jii!

Using the never-ending song "Sunojii Dulhan..." from "Hum Saath Saath Hain" (amongst other songs like "PhooloN kaa TaaroN kaa" and "Dadi Amma Dadi Amma") to teach relationship terms in Hindi-Urdu. Oh Bollywood, how do you continue to seep into the lives of young generations without fail? Why do we all still enjoy you, though denial remains?! Interesting to note that both Pakistani-American and Indian-American high school students these days are familiar with Bollywood to some degree, and have picked up language from Indian cinema. Thank you, movies, for teaching students to use "apun" in normal every-day conversation - (*Shah Rukh Khan-Mumbai gangster-movies*).

I'm also surprised (well, no, not surprised at all; perhaps disconcerted) to learn within the last two days that while I may be able to carry a casual conversation in Urdu with friends or parents' friends, speaking it in an academic setting, in which I must use explanation words and such, is far more intimidating than I thought, and I lack much of the vocabulary I would like to have by this point. Once again, a teaching situation has proved to be a perfect learning situation as well.


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