Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 214: Crystal

OYLPA Day 214: Crystal, originally uploaded by klodhie.

I feel I am seeing elements of life today as through a piece of crystal: fleetingly sharper than reality, sometimes blurred, often with added flecks of dazzling colored light.

Friends celebrate the beginning of a loved one's transition into the next adventurous phase of her life, while reminiscing with her about things learned and fondly (or humorously) remembered. Where life has brought each of us up to this point, we appreciate and respect and are grateful for, although sometimes still, utter confidence in our present and future seem blurred because unknown. Yet friendship, we find again, has a quiet (or in this case heart-vibratingly loud) ability to help us see our own dazzling, colorful beauty once again - a side of beauty that only one's friends can truly help us see.

Within the same span of time and in a starkly contrasting way, history makes its way forward once again: an evil in the form of OBL gone, more evil to be done away with; in some ways a justice deserved, in other ways a blurry sadness that the act of calculated murder of more human beings was once again necessary to achieve that justice. What happens as a result we cannot clearly see yet, but somehow the world feels a little bit lighter, the hopeful end to a decade-long war looks a little bit closer, and the fizzling-out of a (once-)spreading extremist cancer feels just that much more tangible.

A crystal of a weekend, then, with its bright, glamorous moments of love and humor and joy on the one hand, while on the other its specks of reflected light and color making the present and future blurry and interchangeably bright and dark in many ways both small and momentous.

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