Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 179: Good Laughs, Good Cause

Amidst the good laughs induced by popular comedian Max Amini (as well as the awkward "your wife" comments provided by a couple of Pakistani uncles in the crowd...yes, extremely awkward, especially when you know the uncles personally), Shine Humanity's 1st annual fundraiser served as yet another example of how the Pakistani-American community and its fantastic supporters are doing so much to help those in need around the world.

The Los Angeles Pakistani community is a giving community, a community that, as a whole, is not only so willing to donate its hard-earned funds, even when donor fatigue starts to kick in everywhere else, but is also willing to donate its time and effort in volunteering for good causes and organizing ways to help others. Shine Humanity is one of those organizations based in L.A. that is an example of this desire to help; led by people like C.E.O. Laila Karamally, C.O.O. Todd Shea, and Chairman Dr. Salman Naqvi, Shine Humanity has, within a very short time, risen as a superb charity organization, proving its effectiveness in providing "...quick, efficient and compassionate medical and humanitarian relief" after international disasters while also focusing on "long-term rehabilitation" of the affected areas.

I could go on and on about individuals like Todd Shea, an incredible human being driven by his desire to help anyone suffering, anywhere. He is a difficult man to describe in entirety, and I think that only after hearing him speak does one get some real sense of the man: a musician by profession, in appearance a simple white American male in everyday khakis, and then the patriotic green Pakistani T-shirt with "Dil Dil Pakistan" written on it. He seems to be so deeply, wholeheartedly involved with helping Pakistan and Pakistanis (especially in working to support victims of the Oct. 2005 earthquake and more recently the devastating floods of Aug. 2010), and anyone else in the world that he is able to help in his capacity. One of his statements at today's banquet brought tears to my eyes as he passionately exclaimed that he sees in Pakistan's youth a deep burning desire and positive will to change the future of Pakistan for the better, and he truly knows that the Pakistani youth will make Pakistan a better place.

I'm happy that Todd Shea has gained the support and respect that he deserves from our Pakistani-American community, and has indeed become a part of it, and it's always encouraging to see well-known individuals like Max Amini give their own time and effort to good causes. It'll be wonderful to see the great effects Shine Humanity will have a year from now when the next annual fundraiser comes along. Another day to be proud!

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