Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 175: Feline Observation

OYLPA Day 175: Feline Observation, originally uploaded by klodhie.
If you had walked in when this picture was being taken, you would have come upon an odd scene in which my sister and I knelt on all fours on opposite sides of the kitchen sink, trying to observe our Sher Khan interacting with this female feline. You see, Sher Khan abhors her (let's name her "Billi"). So, Sheroo abhors Billi, who is a random cat in our backyard that we've taken to feeding. She waits for him all day long, and rushes to greet him every time he steps outside, walking right up to his face and attempting to flirt with him, trying to win him over with her cuteness. But Sheroo is not all. He moves to the side, and she moves with him, he tries to run, but she runs after. He then resorts to a slap on the face, but the pathetic feline that she is, she tries all the harder. She just doesn't get it: he's just not that into you, dear!

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