Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 173: A Country's Potential

Since I've been back from Pakistan, it seems that whenever anyone asks me about how my trip went, I inevitably get to the point about how pleasantly surprised I was by the vast amount of potential in that country. Although all of my previous trips kept me mostly within one particular part of Karachi, and even further than that within particular homes within Karachi, this time I was able to venture out much more, in and around Lahore (and of course all the way to Bahawalpur).

I now tell people, with much pride and a tinge of heartache, about how much incredible potential Pakistan holds within its lands, peoples, and cultures. So much agricultural potential it is unbelievable, fields after fields and farms after farms under blue skies. So much tourism potential, with magnificent buildings of the past, artifacts and antiquities, handmade arts and crafts like this rali you see from Thatta, Sindh. So much potential for progressive development in any and every field you could imagine, with hardworking, creative, determined people all around you. So much, so much!!! So much that my heart aches to see a nation suffer so.

I wonder, then, why a nation with so much greatness should be in the strife that it is, and I always, always seem to come back to this point: without a leader and a government that truly cares for and works solely for the well-being of their people and country, how far can Pakistan go? Give a country and its people a leader that cares for them, and you will see wonders occur.

For a country with so much potential, I wish with all my being that it find a leader with a heart.

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