Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 169: Returning, Re-Editing, Always Learning

If there is one quality about life that I would say is the most scrumptious (I'm tired of the word "wonderful", and naturally thought of "scrumptious" next), I think it is the ability for us to learn. How blessed we are to be able to learn! To see every day as a moment in life in which you can improve yourself, even in the minutest, silliest little detail. Of course, this sort of learning comes at the price of making small (or gigantic) mistakes, but the scrumptiousness of the whole thing is that almost every one of those mistakes is redeemable through a willingness to learn (after first accepting the failure without outward blame).

Today, by revisiting and beginning the editing and re-editing process of an earlier photo shoot, I learned through analyzing the mistakes I made before in terms of angling, composition, etc. In a way I also retroactively learned because I saw things that I had done in terms of lighting in that older photoshoot that I liked but have recently forgotten to emphasize in my work - aha! More to work on in the future! Today, I amended mistakes I'd made with family members in terms of tone of voice, and of course then made some more mistakes in the same terms with others that I intend on amending in the future. I learned to make koftay and torayee just that little bit better today, and goodness knows what else my mind picked up "to learn" for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

It might sound tiring, this whole process of unending learning, but I see it as an unending blessing. I hope that I never stop learning, and more importantly than that, I hope that I never, ever feel like I've learned everything, because what would be left, then?

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