Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 130: Ohh Baby Baby

OYLPA Day 130: Ohh Baby Baby, originally uploaded by klodhie.
What better way to start a journey than with the company of a little baby? A little English baby at that. Having grown up without aunts and uncles and cousins in California, I'll admit I'm probably not too baby savvy, but holding little Dean (pictured here with my phuppo - dad's eldest sister) was a simple and magnetic pleasure of life. Dean, by the way, is quite the multicultural little child - his mother is Pakistani-English and his father is Irish, and he was purposely named "Dean" so that his name might support him as he trasverses this multicultural playing field. My favorite nickname for this little alert man is "Aladdin" as his grandfather likes to say with love and humor.

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